Baby Blue Wax Dipped Roses with Surprise Jewelry


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These are our new line of Roses. Roses that live forever!! These are our Baby Blue Wax Dipped Wooden One Dozen Rose Bouquet. They are truly a perfect gift for any special occasion! They will look great with your home decor and make your home smell so amazing!

The scent you choose will last up to 6 months and you have a choice of 4 scents and we also have unscented as well

Roses arrive as a tied bouquet and packaged in a long Rose gift box w/tissue paper. Now the best surprise is what is packaged with these roses. There is a surprise jewel with every dozen roses . Wow that is fun and exciting. This surprise piece of jewelry can have a value of $10 all the up to $7500! You never know what you are gonna get!

Place an order and be surprised!!


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