About Us


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Mary Lewinski from Extra Special Baskets, an Independent Distributor of La Bella Baskets and Gifts. I have been in this business since 2011.

Whenever someone asks me what I do for a living, a smile comes to my face, because I remember all of the people I have helped with my business. You see, this basket business is like no other. I believe our baskets are gifts with a purpose — helping you bring smiles to your friends, business associates, customers, and loved ones.

An Extra Special Basket is meant to share your love and create lasting memories.

Our Sympathy Baskets are not sent to funeral homes, but are delivered to loved ones, two weeks after the loss of a loved one. For most people, grieving doesn’t end with a funeral. We believe just saying, “I’m sorry for your loss” at the funeral home isn’t enough because your family and friends are still grieving afterward. A beautiful Sympathy Basket can serve as a gentle reminder that you are still thinking and caring for a grieving relative or friend can greatly help them during their time of loss.

We also carry a variety of items that make for perfect gift for any occasion — gift baskets, personalized gifts, scented Wax Dipped Roses, wall art, candles, and jewelry.

Thank you for shopping with us and remember… bring an extra special smile, with an Extra Special Basket!